Our Story

Where it all started.

My name is Belinda Diack and Ruby Black  was born out of a New Years Resolution that took nearly 3 years to complete. Holding down a full time job, looking after teenagers as a side gig and also cleaning on Saturday’s didn’t leave a lot of time to dream, visualise and turn an idea into reality. This meant countless samples that didn’t make the cut,  rigorous testing of materials to ensure quality and durability and a lot of persistence to carry through even in all those many moments when I felt like giving up. I always felt like I was treading water financially but working very hard for the privilege. At the end of the week I just wanted to unwind with a drink in hand, clean the house and chill out. I felt trapped in a weekly cycle that I couldn’t break out of.  

But giving up is not in my nature.  I’ve come from being a teenage single parent struggling to survive and eating out of food banks to now having choice and options. I’m damn proud of that and I’m proud of my daughter. I was lucky to have her, being 18, I had no idea what I was doing. She made it easy and we were the A Team. We stuck together like glue and we made it work. Time moves on and she is well into adulthood now and on her own journey.  

Ruby Black was my grandmother and she symbolises strength, resilience and integrity.   She is the quiet, humble achiever. She is not defined by others and dances to her own beat.  Ruby Black clutches are designed to be practical and functional. I was tired of lugging around a huge bag that held all the essentials but then everything else. It was a bit like a junk draw. You just keep filling it up with stuff. I didn’t want to carry around a junk draw. And I don’t think other women should have to either. Smaller wallets are too small and once again I just kept filling them up with stuff, trying to make them into a bag. Then there’s the mobile. Who wants to carry around a mobile and a wallet?

I wanted a practical, stylish and functional accessory that I could take from day to night with ease.

Introducing Ruby Black.